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What is the best way to protect keyboard?
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To sum up, there are mainly three ways to protect keyboards.


Forming a good habit in using keyboard is a basic way to protect your keyboards. Keeping liquid away form keyboard, cleaning the keycap and upper case are quite helpful. Those ways can keep your keyboard away from liquid and dust, making your keyboard safe and always looks brand new. They may be the most usual ways for protection, but require labors. They are somehow time-consuming job and may not be preferred by most keyboard users.


Using a skin or sticker for keyboard is taken as a better way to protect the keyboard. In this way, the liquid or dust can be totally kept away. It is not expensive to buy a skin or sticker. With them you don’t have to clean the keyboard from time to time. Safe and economic method indeed. But there is one problem. The typing feels may total lose. Typing with or without skin and sticker is totally different. It is somehow link typing on a waterproof silicon keyboard, typing gets very slowly and you may not find it comfortable for typing.


This may be the main reason why users are not willing to put a skin or sticker on notebook keyboard, although that is the most effective way for protection. It is very expensive to replace a notebook keyboard, but still users are willing to take the risk and prefer not to use the skin or sticker. They think more of the typing feel.


Protecting keyboard should take the typing feel into consideration. If you want good typing feel, keyboard skin or sticker is not a good choice. This is especially true for keyboard fans. Is there any better way to solve this problem?


foldable coverThe answer is yes. Design of keyboard can have some modification to solve this problem. One of those modifications is by adding a foldable keyboard cover. It is no doubt a flexible way to enable user to have original typing feel of keyboard and in the same time protect keyboard effectively.