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Is it necessary to buy keyboard shortcut skins?
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As the development of keyboard skin goes, there are now shortcut keyboard skins available on market. Those shortcut skins are totally different from those transparent skins. In fact, there are colorful skins with shortcut icon printed on. Is it necessary to buy those colored keyboard skins?


Apple shortcut keyboard skinHere is the summary of benefits:
1. They protect your keyboard.
Like other keyboard skins, they can keep your keyboard from dust, dirt and spill. They are also washable; you can wash them at any time when they get dirty.


2. Those colorful icons help you to find the shortcuts much easily.
Your eyes would be attracted by those colored icons the moment you see them. To make every icon visible but distinguishable, those icons are often printed with different colors. You may take no effort to locate every individual icon.


Apple skin for Photoshop and Aperture3. They may saves time and improve work flow
It is estimated that it would save 30% or more time by using those shortcuts instead of clicking for toolbar. It also reduces the pain of your palm.


4. They are especially good for beginners.
They can help to arouse those beginners’ interest to learn computer and relative software. They are good assistants to beginners.



Well, there may still be some limitation for those keyboard skins.


First, those keyboard shortcuts may be only for some specific software but not for all. It is impossible to print all shortcut key of all software on a single keyboard skin. You may need to buy more skins if you are dealing with different software.


Second, those keyboard shortcuts skins can not be fit for all keyboards. You may not find one compatible with your keyboard. If you really want to buy one, you may have to change your keyboard.


The following suggestion may help you to decide whether to buy one:
1. Do you buy them for protecting your keyboard? Or do you buy them to improve your work? Or both?
If you just want a skin to protect your keyboard, just a transparent skin is enough. If those shortcut skins are very useful to your job, it may worth the thinking.


2. Are you familiar with all shortcuts of the software you are using?
If you are already familiar with those shortcuts and use them very often, it is not necessary for you to buy.

3. Does it worth the investment?
Take a moment to think whether it worth the investment to buy those skins. Those skins offer indication for shortcuts. They are helpful, but may not be necessary if you learn all shortcuts by heart. To acquire those shortcut skills requires time and effort. It may not be easy for you without those shortcut skins,