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Features of slim keyboard
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The followings are three main features of slim keyboard:


slim keyboard mk9834Slim keyboard is made of flat keycaps. Those high profile keycaps can not be used in the slim keyboard; otherwise the height of the keyboard will be large. Besides low profile, keycaps are required to be flat. Only flat keycaps can minimize the height of keycaps. For some thin keyboard, “x” structure key will be used to replace scissor switch.


Slim keyboard is often made with scissor switch keys. Compared with other types of keys, scissor switch keys have thin keytop. What is more important, the distance between keytop to rubber dome that intrigue a signal input is the shortest. Scissor switches allow a keyboard to be ultra thin, while in the same time has perfect stroke.


Chocolate keycaps is often used in slim keyboards. It is an ideal option for thin keyboards. Apple makes all its super slim keyboards with chocolate keycaps.