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A full size keyboard is also named as full keyboard or full-size keyboard. It is larger than a compact size keyboard. It is usually consisted of 3 separated keys areas: alphabet and F keys area, control keys (including prtsc sysrq, page up), arrow keys area, and numpad area. Computer keyboards without the above 3 separated areas can generally be called as compact keyboards.


full size keyboard mk9823Full size keyboard is often arranged in the QWERTY configuration. As a full size keyboard, the keycap distance is usually wider than other keyboards.

Advantages of a full size keyboard:

1. It is roughly similar to typewriter, making it easy to get used to. Keys of different function are arranged in separated location, making each key easy to find and type. The distance between keycaps is wide enough to avoid mistyping.

2. It contains all necessary and extra keys. There are plenty of keys set in a full size keyboard, making it quite convenient and easy to use.


A full size keyboard also has its disadvantages:

1.  It takes up too much space. The size of a full size keyboard is usually up to 40cm*40cm. It may not be a perfect choice for a user who has a limited desk space. People use compact size keyboard to save desk space, even though this means a sacrifice of extra keys. 

2.  It is usually heavier than compact keyboard, making it not easy to carry away.