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Six top features of game keyboards
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Fast response
Fast response is the primary element for a game keyboard. Fast signal input makes a gamer more competitive in the game. There are few wireless game keyboards in the market, mainly because wired game keyboards are faster than wireless ones. Or maybe with wired one, users don’t need to worry about the speed.

Backlit feature
Some game keyboards are also made with backlight. Why? There are several reasons for this:
First, with backlight, it is more convenient to play game at night or at some poor light environment;
Second, backlight can help users to concentrate. Illuminated letters help users to focus.
Third, it makes the keyboard special and cool.

Often with macro keys
Those macro keys help gamers to set some function, which makes gaming more enjoyable and fun. In some advanced game keyboards, the quantity of macro keys can reach 18. The setting of macro keys is also seen as a mark of high-end. With those macro keys, gamers are able to set them to specific function for their own. In the game, you gain more advantages with those customized keys. They provide quick access and let gamers play better in the games.

Those macro keys keyboard can be seen in Logitech collection. The make it convenient to access these macro keys, they are usually set on the left side of keyboards, or in some occasions, in the bottom side of keyboards.

Game keyboard should develop along with games. It is possible that some keyboards can be specifically customized based on a certain game. Or, make some necessary modification per some certain games.

Without multimedia keys
There are usually no multimedia keys on a game keyboard, because that seems not necessary. A game keyboard is for playing games. Keyboards with multimedia keyboard are mainly used in office, but there is no rule for this. It depends on the manufacturer sometime.

Win key shut down or deleted
Game you are playing may get interrupted if you press the win key by mistake. To avoid this happen, win key function is shut down in some game keyboards. Win key even got deleted in some game keyboards, too. Even some still have win key, gamer may remove them before playing games.

Mechanical keys
Game fans like to use mechanical keyboard instead of ordinary keyboard. Compared with ordinary keys, a mechanical key has faster response, better and unchangeable typing feel and longer life. Gamers are not willing to change the keyboard they are using all the time. Change another keyboard like making new friends to others- it takes time to get to know each other. What is worse, you may finally find the “friend” is not your type.

Mechanical keyboard is much expensive than those membrane keyboards. In gamers’ eyes, they cost more and can still worth the investment.

For some gamers, playing game may not just for fun. It can be their profession. If this becomes a trend, the development of game keyboards can lead to a more specific niche market.