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Keyboard packing
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Keyboard is an electronic product. Packing plays a very important role in protecting keyboard.


Usual packing for a keyboard includes plastic sheet, sticky sheet, plastic bag, bubble bag and cardboard.


plastic sheet packing for backlit keyboard blk1001Plastic sheet, sticky sheet, plastic bag and bubble bag are for inner packing.

sticky sheet packing

Plastic sheet and sticky sheet are often used to cover the keyboard cases, especially for those of piano paint. They can keep piano paint case from dust and finger print. More and more computer keyboards painted with piano paint, usage of plastic sheet and sticky sheet has increased.

Compared with plastic sheet, sticky sheet are not easy to drop down.


 bubble bag packing Plastic sheet and sticky sheet are only for partial protection (only for keyboard case). If needed full protection, plastic bag and bubble bag can be used.

Bubble bag is filled with air inside. The air can reduce the pressure on the keyboard. Thus a bubble bag provides more protection for a keyboard.

Cardboard is for outer packing. A cardboard can has some transparent area that allows customers to see what the keyboard is like from outside.