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What is the top keyboard trend in future?
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Computer keyboards have been developed for a long time. Even keyboard only serves as an accessory for computer accessory, it has been categorized into many niches. For example, foldable keyboard, bamboo keyboard, aluminum keyboard and the latest solar keyboard from Logitech.


The future of pc keyboard may mainly focus on the following points:


1. Environment protection
Bamboo keyboards and solar keyboards are within this range. Despite usual plastic keyboard, the material to make a pc keyboard varies to other more environment-friendly material. Although the price for bamboo keyboard, especially solar keyboard is extremely high, they may still worth the investment. What is more important, Logitech may not risk launching its solar keyboard to market if not sure about its acceptant to potential customers.


Compared to mechanical keyboard, those computer keyboards is another type of high-end, which is a represent to protect the environment.


2. Requirements of fine art
Besides its natural material, the fine craftwork is not doubt a top selling point for a bamboo keyboard. It also reflects customers’ desire for extra value besides the practicality of a keyboard. It is assumed that users are looking for “something else” for a keyboard. Or may be users are thinking higher of a keyboard because it becomes their closed company. Bamboo keyboard is probably more suitable for home use. It is a good decoration to your house.


The same case can be seen in aluminum keyboards. Color of it is so shinny and attractive, making it a unique option for home and family use.


3. Higher demands for portability
The development of mobile devices has also accelerated the revolution of keyboards. One top example is iPhone. iPhone is not only a mobile phone, it is also a mini mobile computer that enable user to surf on the internet almost at any place. iPhone has a virtual keyboard for itself, but may not be able to type fast. In this situation, a mini portable keyboard can be of great help. Foldable keyboard is one of them. The design of foldable keyboard is a combination of typing fun and excellent portability. It is tiny size when folded allow users to put in the pocket. Well, a good foldable keyboard can never abandon its good typing feel. For some foldable keyboard there is scissor switch keycaps to ensure fast and good typing. There are wired foldable keyboard on market, also some more advanced wireless ones like those with Bluetooth.


The launch of iPad also speeds the development of keyboards. That is on wonder why the foldable keyboard has turn out to be a main part in iPad accessories.


To sum up, users is aiming higher for keyboards nowadays. KeySource will endeavor to research and develop more good keyboards in future.