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Two types of interpretation to notebook keyboards
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When we talk about notebook keyboard, we usually mean those embedded keyboard integrated into notebook. This is true. It is the most common interpretation for notebook keyboard. However, there is another interpretation. The other meaning for notebook keyboard is the desktop computer keyboards used as replacement.


Why? How such an interpretation coming from? The answer is simple. Because in some ways, the embedded keyboard can not satisfy users’ need and desktop computer keyboards can solve this problem.


Here are some examples:
1. Using a pc keyboard can protect your notebook and its keyboard.
For most notebook keyboard, the letters and alphabets are silk printed. They can be scratched and become unclear to see. Plus, notebook keyboard is very expensive to replace. Many prefer to buy a desktop keyboard for notebook computer.


Some users may use notebook to play games. The notebook keyboard is not good for playing game. It can be damaged by hard press of keys. They may think it quite necessary to buy a pc keyboard as substitution.


2. Computer keyboards do have some advantages over notebook keyboard.
Most notebook computer will not be equipped with backlit keyboards. Otherwise it would be very expensive. Some users like to have backlit keyboard when they are working or playing game at night. Buying a backlit desktop keyboard is an easy and economic way to meet their needs.


Game keyboard is especially good for playing games. The programmable keys give you more advantages in the games. The solid key structure can sustain hard and fast press of keys. Those advantages are what you can not find in a notebook keyboards.


Multimedia keyboard is also a fine accessory for notebook. Those multimedia shortcuts offer additional convenience for users. 


Also a numeric keypad seems to be an indispensable accessory for notebook, especially for those who are always doing with lots of numbers.


Some pc keyboards are also integrated with touchpad, making it more resemble to notebook keyboard.


In conclusion, desktop keyboard is a close partner to notebook computer. Desktop computer keyboards, to some extend, can also be categorized into notebook keyboards.