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Tips to choose computer keyboards
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Here are some tips for you to choose a computer keyboard:


First, try to figure out what exactly you buy a keyboard for. This should be the primary and most important step you should do before buying a keyboard. You are more likely to get a satisfactory keyboard when this first step is done.


Ask yourself below questions as to figure it out:

1. For medical use?

If so, a waterproof keyboard may suit you. It has a strong resistance to liquid, dust and dirt. It washes easily and kept clean. It is a perfect choice for medical environment.


2. For home use?

Multimedia keyboard may be a good choice for home use, for it has provided extra shortcuts keys like music control, web surfing and other applications. Good for entertainment.


3. For gaming?

If you have budget, a mechanical game keyboard is ideal for video gaming. Some also offer extra programmable keys, allowing you to set shortcuts for games. That should gain you more advantages and make you more competitive in the game.

If that is too expensive, you may consider those keyboards with good typing feel and sturdy quality.


4. For portable inputting?

Choose a foldable keyboard for your iPhone or iPad. It is easy to take along with. Flexible keyboard or mini keyboard may also be OK.


5. for office use

Good response and typing should be required if you are doing a lot of documenting work at office. Keyboard with scissor keys is more expensive, but is more comfortable if you spend long time with your keyboard.

You can choose to buy an ergonomic keyboard if you have more budgets.


After the first step is done, you may move to next step. Take the followings into consideration:

1) Full size or compact size?

If you got limited space for keyboard, it is suggested you buy a compact size one. Also, if you are used to desk draw and put the keyboard on it, it could be better for you to know whether there is enough room for the keyboard.

Please also note that it may take some time for you to get used to compact size keyboard if you have long been using a full size one.


2) Backlit or without backlit?

Backlit keyboard may be good for you if you often use computer at night or in some poor light environment.


3) Silent keyboard?

Check if the keyboard has scissor keycaps, if so, it should be make little sound when you are typing on. Some keyboard without scissor keys can still be quite for typing. Try to press the keys and feel it yourself.


4) Wired or wireless?

Wireless keyboard would be better if you want a tidy and clean desk top, but usually costs more.


Think about those for yourself before buying a keyboard, you are possibly more likely to get yourself a good keyboard.