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Top advantage of Apple magic trackpad
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There are many advantages for magic trackpad: Bluetooth technology, multi-touch and so on. The large size touch panel may be the biggest advantage.


Apple magic trackpadLet’s take some minutes to think why we use touchpad or trackpad. There may be so many answers, but the most possible answer is replacing mouse. Those used to spend many hours using computer every day may get so annoyed with the mouse because it makes hands so tired. A mouse is a better pointing device than touchpad, but it also hurt your hands.


A touchpad can help relieve hand pain. One thing disturbing touchpad keyboard users is the limited size of touch panel. It may require several finger movements before you move the cursor from right to the left in the monitor screen. On some occasion you may realize your finger has move out of the touchpad but still can get the cursor to the right position. The small size touch panel forces you to repeat dragging all the time. Common size for an ordinary touchpad is 4cm by 3cm. That is why cursor moving becomes a time consuming, ineffective job.


With Apple’s magic trackpad, this problem seems to be solved. It is 13cm by 13.13cm, about 3 times or 4 times the size of ordinary touchpad. The large size enables cursor moving much easier and comfortable. All dragging is more likely to be done in just one time. It saves time.


The final aim of a touchpad is to take the place of mouse. The Apple’s magic trackpad, with its large touch panel and easy-to-use multi touch function, makes it a master piece of touchpad and is an ideal substitute for mouse.