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Why buy a wireless keyboard
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Reasons to a wireless keyboard can be concluded as followings:



wireless keyboard bmk2123rfA symbol of high technology

Compared with wired keyboard, wireless keyboard seems to be more high-tech. This is real for some users and may be their primary reason to choose a wireless one.



Without mess of wire

A wireless keyboard set you free of wire mess, especially when you computer is connected with so many peripheral like fax machine, printer and others. Your desktop is conquered by those wires and may make you annoyed.


A wireless keyboard not only makes your desktop tidy and saves your space, it also quite suitable for a desk drawer. People prefer to use the drawer of their desk to put the keyboard. It causes inconvenience all the time if the keyboard is wired. The wire can easily get caught by the edge of drawer.



Ideal for home theater

A wireless keyboard is like a remoter for a home theater. When you want to change to other cinema channels, you don’t have to step close to the keyboard in front of the screen. With a wireless keyboard, remote controlling makes easy.



Plug and play

All wireless keyboards use USB dongles to receive signals. Unlike some wired keyboard with PS/2 plug, it is “plug and play”.