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Brazilian keyboard

Essentially, the Brazilian keyboard contains dead keys for five variants of diacritics in use in the language; the letter Ç, the only application of the cedilla in Portuguese has its own key. Accessible via the AltGr+C combination is the ₢ character (Unicode 0x20A2), symbol for the Cruzeiro, currency of the country from 1942 to 1967.



The via AltGr+5 accessible cent sign ¢ can be used for the centavo, subunit of previous currencies as well as the current Real, which itself is represented with R$. The masculine and feminine ordinals ª and º are accessible via AltGr combinations. The section sign § (Unicode U+00A7), in Portuguese called parágrafo, is these days practically only used do denote sections of laws.



The Brazilian keyboard has a unique mechanical layout, combining some features of the ISO and the JIS keyboards in order to fit 12 keys between the left and right Shift (compared to the American standard of 10 and the international of 11).

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