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How to make an LED illuminated keyboard
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LED illuminated keyboards are backlighted by LED bulbs. Let’s take a look at the inside of a LED illuminated keyboard.

 LED keyboard keycaps

LED lighted lettersTo make the letter illuminated, all keycaps should be laser etched, so the light can come out. The letters we see, in fact, are just light shape by the hollow part of keycaps.


To allow more lights to come out, it is better to make the key slot “X” shape. This kind of slot is usually called a volcano slot.


Stand of keycap is made of transparent plastic, so it won’t block too much light. This help to give more light out. Furthermore, the “X” shape key can allow more light to come out.


backlit keyboard backside look

Uncovering the back of a backlit keyboard, we see that the whole keyboard is backlit by a low of LED bulbs or the LED matrix. You can also customize your logo backlit, too.


The LED matrix offers light for the whole keyboards.


Only ten LED bulbs are enough. LED has little power consumption, but very long time that up to 100,000 hours. No wonder that LED is used more and more in electronic products. LED matrix



The light level can be control by adding or reducing the quantity of LED bulbs. In some backlit keyboard, level control wheel can also be seen.