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There are no “best keyboards"
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On the internet there are numerous reviews commenting the “best” computer keyboards. Are there really best keyboards? What are the standards for judging whether a keyboard is the best?


By reading the details of those comments carefully, we may find some cues. Most of these articles try to show the advantages of those “best” keyboards. It is true that those keyboards have some outstanding features over other keyboards, but may not be the evidence for proving those are best keyboards.


What we are trying to say is that the best keyboard is only in one’s eyes. When you write an article about the best keyboards, those best keyboards are only from your own review. It may not be the same with others, or even totally different from others.


For example, when we say some backlit keyboard is the best compared to other keyboards or backlit keyboards, those backlit keyboard can totally be useless for some users who never use the keyboard in dark environment. They may think it a waste of money.


It should be safe to say the best keyboard is the keyboard that suits users best. As a manufacturer or supplier, what we do is offering more details of our keyboards and giving our users more advice to choose a keyboard that meets their needs.


Helping users understand more about keyboards and choose suitable keyboard is more important than simply just commenting which keyboard is the best.