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 Spanish keyboard

The Spanish keyboard layout is used to write in Spanish, Aragonese, Catalan, Galician and Basque. It includes Ñ for Spanish and Galician, the acute accent, the diaeresis, the left question and exclamation marks (¿, ¡) and some characters required only for typing Catalan: Ç, the grave accent and interpunct (punt volat, used in l·l) at Shift-3. It can also be used to write other international characters, such as the circumflex accent (used in French and Portuguese among others) and the tilde (used in Portuguese), which are available as dead keys.


In most keyboards € is Alt Gr + E and not Alt Gr + 5 as shown in the image.


Normally "Bloq Mayús" is used instead of "Caps Lock", and "Intro" instead of "Enter".


The c-cedilla key (Ç), instead of on the right of the acute accent key (´), is located alternatively on some keyboards one or two lines above. In some cases it's placed on the right of the plus sign key (+).In other keyboards it's situated on the right of the inverted exclamation mark key (¡).