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What is touch sensitive keyboard
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A touch keyboard means a keyboard with a trackball, joystick or pointing stick, or with a touch mouse panel. Touchpad keyboard refer to one of them-keyboard with mouse panel. Sensitive touch keyboard, to be exact, is not a touch keyboard or a touchpad keyboard. It is an ordinary keyboard integrated with sensitive touch panel.

From the above, we can see that a touch keyboard is, in fact, refer to a keyboard with a pointing device or function. This is totally different from sensitive touch keyboard. In a sensitive touch keyboard or touch sensitive keyboard, there are some keys set or “engraved” in a touchable flat panel, which enable faster input than usual keycaps. Keycaps should travel in a certain distance, but sensitive touch keys won’t. They will sense your finger press and stimulate signal inputting.

Sensitive touch keys are usually not in the main key area. They are different from virtual keyboard or screen keyboard. In fact, there are usually made for multimedia function like email, browser and the like. Or, in some keyboard, touch sensitive number pad. No matter number pad or multimedia keys, the aim for touch sensitive panel is simple-to make signal input faster and improve users efficiency in using a keyboard.

Another feature for a touch sensitive is that it is often back-lit. With backlight indication, those sensitive touch keys are easy for users to locate and used. By carefully examination, you will find those sensitive keys are not illuminated. They are engraved, but without back lighting. Actually, those engraved indicating symbols or icons are lighted.