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Why Apple chooses aluminum to make keyboard
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Apple not only uses aluminum enclosure for its notebooks, but also for its keyboards. It seems that Apple has a preference to aluminum cover, no matter on wired keyboard or wireless keyboard. Why?


Reasons may be as followings:Apple keyboard

Natural shining color of aluminum

Unlike other keyboard enclosure or cover, you don’t have to paint the aluminum because it is born with shining color. The natural color of aluminum is eye-catching and enjoyable. Plus, the color won’t fade away.


Aluminum color match well with white keycaps

Apple’s keyboards have white keycaps, the aluminum cover matches so well with the white keycaps. This also tells us that Apple’s ability to deal with colors.


Light weighted, but strong resistance to pressure

One reason that aluminum has been so widely used in industrial manufacturing is its high tolerance to pressure. A keyboard is not easy to get broken with aluminum keyboard. The light weight of aluminum also makes it ideal for keyboard making.


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