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Number pad is mainly used for inputting numbers. For most of the keyboards like notebook keyboard, compact size or full size desktop computer keyboard, number inputting has all be integrated. We could not help wondering why it necessary to develop or manufacture separate laptop keypad.

The answer is simple: laptop keypad does make some difference. What difference?

LED laptop keypad nk7601

Laptop keypad is an indispensable accessory for notebook computer. For notebook computer, you can press NmLk(number lock) to have a 4 row squared area keys laptop keypad. That is really the same with that integrated in full size computer keyboard. It is convenient for you to input numbers. But this still has one problem. When you press NmLk, letter “Y, U, O” and other several letters which locate in the same keycap with those number can not be function. You have to switch it back in order to input those letters. That is so inconvenient when you have to type the numbers and the letters in the same time.


Laptop keypad is very necessary accessory for notebook, especially when you use notebook to deal with lots of numbers and letters together. Keypad is a very useful accessory for those accountant or those who dealt with lot of number work.


Laptop keypad does mean something even to a full size desktop keyboard. A laptop keypad usually has more numeric keys than that of a desktop keyboard. There are usually 17 keys on a full size keyboard, but there may be up to 23 keys on a laptop keypad. Keys like “000”, calculator, email, my computer and other multimedia keys may set on laptop keypad to make it more convenient to use.


Laptop keypad can also be integrated with additional USB interface or even audio interface. It helps extend useful accessories to computer. For most of computer cases, the number of USB ports in the front size is usually two. That seems to be not enough, especially when your computer is connected with printer and other accessories. Even if there are enough ports, the cable may not be able to reach them. USB ports in laptop keypad make it flexible to connect with computer accessories. The cable of keypad can shorten the distance from its USB port to other accessories.


Retractable cable design enables users to put the keypad to where you want it to be. This may be great convenience for those left-hand users while you are want inserting numbers with numeric keypad. They simply place the keypad to their left size.


In conclusion, laptop keypad does have its value in computer peripheral or computer hardware.


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